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Building A Culture Of Consent

As many women and girls gathered on Saturday to hold a Vigil in tribute to Sarah Everard and all the women who have experienced violence and harassment at the hands of men, I think we all began to think about why women aren’t safe and what it would take to make women safe.

Deborah Frances-White spoke at Sarah’s Vigil about the kind of culture we create with the stories we are told in TV and film and how these stories contribute to misogyny and perpetuate damaging myths about consent and about what is acceptable.

We need to build a culture of consent, which means we need to challenge the stories we’re told on screen, we need to challenge the narratives of consent and we need to do better, much better for younger generations.

The Consent Culture Project aims to collate examples of predatory behaviour and misogyny on our screens. With your help we can come together to call out these portrayals, encourage better narratives, enable more voices and contributors and create a Consent Culture on our screens.